Loopback-JsonSchema 1.0 has been released!

Oct 09, 2014

What is Loopback?

Loopback is a powerful Node.js framework for creating APIs and easily connecting to backend data sources.
From: http://loopback.io/

What is Loopback-JsonSchema?

We’ve been using Loopback as our BaaS - Backend as a Service for a while. But, it does not have support to HATEOAS. Well, not anymore! That’s where Loopback-JsonSchema comes in: Loopback-JsonSchema is a middleware which adds JsonSchema support to Loopback. Amazing, isn’t it?

This release is a major one! It fixes some bugs and uses the latest version of Loopback 2.x.

Backward incompatible changes: If you want to use it with a Loopback version prior to 2.0, make sure to use 0.6.

To understand more about what this middleware is about, I recommend you to read the README file and clone our sample app.

Cover photo by: srongkrod481